My Teaching Philosophy

I think it is very important that education and not teaching should be the focus of any teacher. It is important not to present only lectures and rote memorisation tasks with straightforward research projects (the traditional way of schooling). Knowledge cannot be transmitted between people, but must gradually be build up.

I believe that one of the most important ways for me to provide high quality teaching is to be prepared for each and every class period. I do this by having visual aids (power point presentations), worksheets, and tests ready well in advance.

I also believe you should know your subject content. There is nothing more embarrassing to me than finding a learner who knows more about a subject than I do. For this reason I keep up with current news and read many subject related magazines and newspaper articles.

I also feel that it is necessary to know your learners, how they develop and how they learn. Not just their names but also some of their expectations in your subject. In the beginning of the year I give them a sticker for their workbooks and I ask them to write the average that they expect from my subject. This already shows me their level of interest and their own expectations. As the year progress I get to know them better during practical session as well as the quality of the work they hand in. They don’t all learn the same way or develop at the same rate and so my teaching and learning material must be planned to allow every learner to think and grow.

I believe that student learn best by taking action which is why practical work and worksheets practicing exam style questions is so important to me. I expose my learners to various strategies that will develop critical thinking skills as well as problem solving skills.

I think that one of the most fulfilling facets of teaching is the joy I feel when I see a learner get it. Learners also express a sense of joy or happiness when the light beams on their minds gets switched on. In general, learning is supposed to be fun for all concerned.


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