Scientific method part 3

Welcome back!  I hope you used your time wisely and planned a fabulous experiment.  Now, after planning what to do, scientist need to plan the ‘how to’ part.

For this part you need to decide on the materials and methods to use in the experiment.  The materials is usually divided into two parts; the apparatus and chemicals.  Make sure that you include the sizes, volumes, numbers or weight etc. of all materials.  The method is a list of instructions.  It explains what scientist must do in a step-by-step numbered list. Remember to include warnings and cautions.  The last step is usually instructions on how and when measurements/results are taken.

Please remember to always add a control for your experiment.  This is usually the part that is left under normal/natural conditions. 

Did you follow all these instructions? Well you should be ready to do your experiment now.  Good luck!  Next time I will discuss Taking results and what to do with it. 



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