Implementation of education policies

From the PAM document and National Education policy Act 27 of 1996 I apply various policies such as:

The admission policy

  • As determined by the SGB of the school no learner will be suspended from class or denied access to sport, culture or social activities based on non payment –

 National Policy on HIV and AIDS

  • As HIV cannot be transmitted through day to day contact no learner or educator is forced to admit to his status for fear of discrimination and bullying.
  • I implement an HIV/AIDS education programme in both Life Science and Life Orientation

 National Policy on Instruction time for school subjects

  • There are 55 periods a week in our school, 8 x 2 periods for gr 11 and 8 x 2 for gr 12 = 32 plus 16 LO periods = 48 which equals 87% of my time is spent teaching

In the Norms and standard policy – The 7 roles of and educator:

  • I am the senior Life Science teacher with a Masters Degree in Science
  • I plan and design the worksheets and practicals for grade 10 to 12
  • I organise my classroom, the activities I it and the extra-curricular activities of the learners
  • I set exam papers, moderate questions papers of other teachers and monitor their progress as well as the progress of the learners
  • As subject head of Life Science and Life Orientation I am a leader for my colleagues and I lead all activities for the learners

    In the CAPS I appliy the subject policies as required by the DoE

  • Assessment policy – formal assessment tasks and exam papers are in accordance with National policy

 From white paper 6 on inclusivity I apply the principle that learners must be empowered by developing their individual strengths and enabling them to participate critically in the process of learning even those with problems like stuttering and hearing aids


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