Realise the importance of teaching for social goals


  • Many people are becoming concerned about the role of science in society. Citizens cannot afford to be neutral about issues. I provide extra guidance in my class making them aware of various issues. My learners have to have an opinion on issues such as abortion, genetically modified foods, water quality and the role of government in managing our resources. We often have classroom discussions on these and other issues.
  • I also Empower the learners by giving them access to educational institutions through the LO department where I provide information on various open days at Universities, U of Technologies, Business schools and FET Colleges and arrange meetings with then to present at the school in the Lecture Theater.
  • Make them aware of their Social Responsibility by involving them in charity wirk with Mponeng – our adopted school, CANSA and various projects launched by the Methodist church, of which many of our learners are members

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