Motivate and inspire learners and colleagues


As part of motivation I give my learners bonus marks for doing class and home work. A green dot for completing specific class work or homework on time, a silver star after three green dots and a gold star after three silver stars. This means that 13 activities have been completed in an 9 – 10 week term apart from worksheets and practicals.  This is rewarded with an extra 5% on their term marks. I feel that since CASS is used for promotion marks the extra percentage will only inspire them but have no impact on final promotion And they fight for these stars and dots!!!.

 I use the accomplishments of other learners to inspire those of this year – Learners that have gone to National Science Expo is placed on my Hall of Fame Wall in my class room.

 I have posters on my walls not just subject based but also about reaching for a dream like Things I want to do before I die. I have incorporated this as part of the LO tasks that the learners have to complete for School Based Assessment.

 For teachers I host an annual Cross Country breakfast in the beginning of the year and End of term ‘Art Club’ meeting of staff.  As part of the gardening committee I am redoing the gardens of the school currently building a succulent garden in front of my class and in the beginning of April a beautiful colourful garden at the staffroom to inspire teachers


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