Editor of The Mooi 2010

Growing pains.

I started as Editor in 2006 and it was a big challenge. I did not understand the time and effort it would take to build a new brand. Like a baby, I had to learn many new and necessary skills in communicating. My first attempt was an over excited expression of ideas. I experimented eagerly and learned the hard way. The layout had changed to reflect a more unusual expression of Boys High.

By 2007, I had entered the crawling phase and a t least understood the direction I needed to take, even though it was still a difficult task. Between 2008/9 I changed the layout to what we have currently, but found that reports were still late and badly written. His prompted me to change the sport section drastically. In this issue you will only find reports for the first teams and results for all the rest of the team. The team lists of the other teams are also presented.

I would like to thank every teacher who helped me to get the reports in on time as well as S Scout who ran around after learners. A special word of thanks to Paulette Henrey who edited and spell checked this year. Enjoy the magazine and I wish you the best for 2011.


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