Fool-proof tips to succeed in your exams

Today is the start of the Grade 12 Preliminary examinations here in South Africa. I cannot believe another year has passed by and another group of grade 12 learners will be leaving soon.  I am sitting here thinking about how I can help them, but I feel like I have done all I can.

So I thought I might share a few ideas with Grade 11’s who will be joining me in Life Science next year. It could also work for other students.

  1. In your final year (like Grade 12 in South Africa) you will have a very full program. For this reason you need to work regularly, completion of tasks should be done in a timorous fashion and not left to the last minute.
  2. Pay attention! Your educators will be giving you tips on upcoming exams, starting at the beginning of the year, and not at the end of the year. Make sure you understand the work.
  3. Work with your textbook. The night before, scan through the next chapter and see if you can summarize it in a mind map. In class add notes on your mind map, after a lesson, go home and prepare flashcards or definitions lists. Review, Review, Review.
  4. Complete homework daily. Don’t copy from a friend; your brain needs to understand the work, not his / her work.
  5. When you need it ask for help. Ask your teacher, friends, classmates, and attend any extra tuition session’s you need.
  6. Plan ahead. Design a study rooster for the exams well ahead of time, and stick to it. Plan your essay questions.
  7. Use the correct study technique. Every person is unique, every subject is unique. Get the right memorizing and study technique for yourself and the content.
  8. Practice on past papers. Your teacher can supply you with old papers and sample questions; you can buy revision books in the bookstores or use newspapers publishing these papers. But these are not collect and stare at, it is there for practicing!

I know these tips will help you. Just put your back into it.


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