Eskom Expo for Young Scientists

wpid-wp-1438593277442.jpegFrom left to right

  1. Ntwayabokona, Maumakwe, Abdul Gafar, de Vos, Ditibane, Morebodi, Ledula
  2. Kaker, Mothoagae, Carrim, Louw, Sesoai, Mahapela
  3. Voyi, Modise, Radebe, Crater, Molekane, Scheepers, Ochieng

More than 250 projects were presented at schools in the region this year of which educators had to choose the best to enter the Area expos. The Klerksorp expo took place on 30 July at Klerksdorp Library and the Potchefstroom expo at Laerskool Mooirivier on 23 July. The best 120 projects were selected to participate in the Regional expo. We (Potch Boys High) entered 10 projects (20 learners) and all the projects were selected for the Regionals.

The Regional expo was held on 25 August at the Banquet Hall in Potchefstroom. We were very successful here.

P Mahapela received bronze for his project The effect of various chemicals on seed germination’,

O Motoagae and L Ntwayabokone received bronze fro their project ‘Skyscrapers’

Silver medals were awarded to

  • F Abdul-Gafar and S Radebe ‘Organic Life support’
  • L Seeletse and M Zuze ‘ Different water solutions and plant growth’
  • T Ledula and O Ochieng ‘Wireless electricity’
  • U Carrim and M Voyi ‘Effect of cellphone radiotion on plant growth’

F Abdul-Gafar and S Radebe were selected as part of a team of 22 projects from the NortWest Province to participate at Nationals hosted at Birchwood hotel in Boksburg, held from 6 to 8 October 2011. They competed against 200 projects from all over the country fro various prizes and bursaries. The boys worked hard to improve on their project and were duly awarded a silver medal. We all look forward to the 2012 event.


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