How do I contribute to the personal development of learners


By communicating effectively with them about their performance and progress

  1. Keep comprehensive records of planning and learning progress (portfolios) and ensuring that these are accessible

My records are clear, transparent and available to all stakeholders

  • I keep to the DoE’s prescribed requirements for Subject, Teacher and Learner files.
    • I have a work schedule , usually provided by the APO office
    • Then I have term planners that must be given to the headmaster at the beginning of each term and that is summarised in the school term plan that is handed to learners and parents at the beginning of each term
    • I have Lesson Plans prepared for every subtopic in the syllabus
    • Dates for formal and informal assessment tasks are given through to learners timorously and I write it of my whiteboard as a reminder
    • All formal assessment tasks and tests that the learners do throughout the year is filed in a flip file which I keep in my classroom in a crate that the learners have access to and then I hand them all the additional worksheets just before the final exams.
    • Then I have a mark book – I do my mark sheets on Excel and file a printout with additional documentation such as, failure lists, top ten lists, sick notes, copies of the SMS’s I have sent parents when learners don’t do homework, or needed reminders of when certain tasks were due.
    • At the end of each term learners receive either a progress report or a promotion report card with comments at each subject
  1. Develop learners who will act in the interest of the society, and whose values will be based on respect for democracy, equality, human dignity and social justice as promoted in the Constitution

In Life Orientation all the tasks that I have designed counts 100 marks and it develops each learner individually for example

  • In grade 10 one project is about good manners and etiquette within the culture of the learner(human dignity) In grade 11 we focus on life goals(equality and social justice) –In grade 12 learners have to design their own personal mission statement
  • We also investigate the National Youth Service and the benefits it holds for Society and personal growth and the 67 minute community service in honour of retired president Nelson Mandela(human dignity)
  • As well as South Africa as a democracy and how they can participate as full citizens like voting, patriotism and representing SA as a rainbow nation
  • Human rights and children’s rights and responsibilities forms part of the core syllabus for LO
  1. Giving insightful, regular, consistent and timeous feedback that is built into lesson designs and is available to all stakeholders

It is school policy to have tests marked and handed back to learners within three days, tasks and practicals within a week and projects within three weeks.

When I hand the tests back I go through each question and allow each learner to moderate his own paper. We also discuss different interpretations of the questions and the learners check that I have added the marks correctly. I do provide the learners with memoranda.

  1. Provide guidance and support to learners using the curriculum for career and life choices

Again in Life Orientation learners perform various tasks to assist them with future career choices:

  • In grade 10 they perform personality test, select their dream jobs, asses the skills needed for the job and their level of these skills, and they investigate where they can study this job
  • In grade 11 we build on the previous task by letting them search newspapers and the internet to find an advertisement for their dream job, they then have to write a letter of application as if they are were already qualified, and prepare possible interview questions and answers. They also have to discuss ethical behaviour in their selected profession
  • In grade 12 they do in depth career research and do a SWOT analysis after which they have to complete a development chart and their personal curriculum vitae as it stands currently. They also complete testimonial forms that I then use to help write their school testimonials
  • I also use the PACE career guide and computer programme with the grade 9”s in subject choices

In the LO department I organise various Higher education institutes to visit the school for presentations or I promote opendays at various institutes


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