Biome of South Africa Namibia and Nama Karoo

Image from Gondwana Collection Namibia

Image from Gondwana Collection Namibia



Threats of Humans inhabitancy on the Natural Environment  

Humans are known to have a big impact on the on natural ecosystems and the environment of almost all biomes. This is no different when it comes to the desert biome.


Human activities such as mining have had a huge impact on the climate of the world in general, which off course includes the desert biome. The earth is only getting hotter and so is the desert. This results in average temperature increasing. Average rainfall decreases too as a result.


Some human activities such as driving lead to the loosening of the sand which in turn is responsible for kick-starting erosion. Over-planting of crops would result in the soil losing all its nutrients as there is a general lack of nutrient-rich soil to begin with. Looser soil increases the amount of sandstorms seen which is harmful to certain animals and humans.


Over-using of natural vegetation would result in a complete lack of what natural vegetation there is. Most vegetation that does grow in the desert takes a long time to grow as well. Climate change could also make it harder for these plants to grow by changing temperatures and water levels.

Animal Life

Many of the species living in the biome do end up being displaced by human activity. This often results in them becoming endangered. They would also be subject to hunting.

Climate change could also affect their food supplies, making it harder for them to sustain life.

Presented by: Coetzee, Saloojee, Petshwa, Matlala 2015


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