Somethings fishy in education


I have a student in my classroom, I’ll call him Fred. Fred currently has an average of 7% in grade 12. In his mind there is no conceivable way for him to pass his final year. Just like that Fred had wasted 13 years in school.

But Fred is not being blamed for his failure. I am.

Fred’s parents don’t get the blame for a boy who often came to school hungry and then failed to concentrate. I am because I cannot control my classroom; I have to go for discipline training.
They are not taking the blame for a boy who often had to hitch hike from the town over to get to school. I am because why do I allow learners to simply walk into my classroom when they are late and I am teaching? Why don’t I follow the policy?

Fred is not to blame for coming to school without his pens and books. I am because why am I not supplying those learners like him with what they need?

Fred has no self-discipline, no goal for the future, no self-respect, no hope. The system of standardised tests has proven this to him and he has bought into it hook line and sinker. You see the problem here is that Fred the fish was placed on dry land and told to walk. Somewhere in his past a teacher walked past him to show him how it’s done and since then he has been a fish out of water.

There are millions of children just like Fred that we could save with the right kind of testing, tasks and development, so why aren’t we?

The education system is the worst performing business in the world!

Somewhere along Fred’s school career someone killed his dreams. His mind has been enslaved by a system that was designed to teach obedience, from the moment Fred has to stand up straight and wait to be greeted before sitting down and taking out his books.

According to the education business plan, there are plenty of fish in the sea, and we simply need to train them to be interchangeable workers, not inventors and scholars.

Well I want to be the Odd fish! I want to come up with better ideas. I want to be seen as a radical! I want to be a teacher, and educator a facilitator. I want to teach my little fish to swim!


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