Biomes of South Africa : Succulent Karoo

From: Gondwana Collection Namibia

Image used From: Gondwana Collection Namibia

Succulent karoo;

This biome extends over the arid western part of south Africa , including Namaqualand and the ritchtersveld


  • very hot , dry summers and cold winters
  • winter rainfall is very low

 Type of soil;

  • soil is rich in lime and forms a thin layer over rocks


  • plants are adapted to extremely dry summer conditions,
  • plants are mostly dwarfish succulents with thick fleshy leaves that store water,
  • in spring this biome is covereed with flowers

 Animal life;

  • many of the animals that occur here are nocturnal ,
  • animals include the bat eared fox and barking gecko
  • threats include harsh environmental conditions and  wild animals which inhabit the biome

 Threats to the environment

Type of soil


Animal life

Threats to Thicket 

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