Monkeying around in education

Mike the monkey often determines the success or failure of my class. He is always busy with monkey business. His ADHD makes it very difficult for him to concentrate on just one thing at a time.

He has trouble paying attention and often indulge in impulsive speech and actions. His interactions with others are always loud and he has no patience to wait his turn.

It frustrates the other learners that I sometimes give in to Mike’s distractions, but it truly is the only way for me to keep him relaxed enough to work. He craves attention. Any form of distraction leads to an outburst in class. At that point I can only sit down and watch.

His irritation can lead to aggression and he has difficulty connecting with others. This makes it difficult to show sympathy for him by them. Then I as educator get stuck.

You see, my hands are tied by policies. I may not and don’t want to exclude him from class, neither can I restrain him, nor even politely ask him to stop. He is incapable of self restraint once he starts.

In this atmosphere I am then still expected to finish the prescribed work for the day. And in a class of 38 boys this very difficult because their testosterone levels shoots sky high in any aggressive situation.

So how to deal with my money in class?


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