Benefits of Biodiversity to people: Grasslands

Presented by: Sindwa, Moganedi, Mphuthi, Mohloare

Provisioning services

The grassland biome is the mainstay of dairy, beef and wool production in South Africa. Pastures may be augmented in wetter areas by the addition of legumes and sweet grasses. The grassland biome is the cornerstone of the maize crop and many grassland types have been converted to this crop benefit from and influence ecosystem services impact goes both ways

The natural resources base and ecosystem services are the foundation of all food and agricultural systems since agriculture, livestock, forestry and fisheries both benefited from and influence ecosystem services impact goes both ways

The South African grassland biome is the second largest biome in South Africa. It contains the economic heartland of South Africa and produces the bulk of water needed to sustain human  life and underpin economic growth in addiction to their biodiversity value , grasslands provide essential ecosystem , services include food, forage , livestock , game farming, nutrient cycling soil stabilization , carbon storage e, energy supply tourism and recreation n arguably

Regulating services

The grassland biome is also home to Gauteng, South Africa’s economic heartland and largest complex, and to the significant economic sectors of productive agriculture (cultivation and livestock production), forestry and mining. It offers plenty of economic opportunities for communities dependent on the land, such as eco-tourism and sustainable cattle farming.

Services include pollination, soil production, flood amelioration, carbon storage, cultural and recreational amenities, and support to subsistence livelihoods.

Water is also important in moving soils. As rivers flow, they transport soil particles along. If soil is washed into a river, the smallest particles will be carried the furthest by the water as they weigh the least.

Cultural services

This includes aesthetic inspiration cultural identity, sense of home and spiritual experience that are linked to the natural environment

They good when it come to tourism because many different features are found there .animals such as the giraffe, hyena, lion, meerkats and even ostrich. More than 80 vegetation types are found in grasslands

Back in the past rituals done by people such as the khoi san and Bushmen was to stay in grassland areas for amount of time. This to train the children how it works and it’s a form of discipline to them

In most religious nature is very common. Having the knowledge and natural /heritage on it give a sense of understanding in their religion. Meditation can be done in such places because of the amount of peace there

Support services

Grasslands have many types of soil with different adaptations. The soil is typically porous. This is a good adaptation because it needs to drain water very quickly during wet seasons. It also has a thin layer of humus. Humus is an organic portion of the soil created by partial decomposition of plant or n matter (from the grassland biome). The humus` main task is to provide the plants such as grasses and with nutrients

Grasslands have deep soils that are very nutrient rich because of the large amount of plant tissue (‘biomass’) that dies off and is added to the sol through decomposition every year. This is why grasslands is often converted into farmlands, which has been the case for most grasslands in Ontario. Plant community structure is often the results of interactions between succession, disturbance and dispersal. While some disturbances may be highly stochastic (e.g. flooding or landslides) other types of disturbance are closely linked to the current successional state of community ( e.g. fire )




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