NTA standards? 

This year was the third AND LAST time I participated in the National teaching awards event held annually in South Africa.  

Some of my friends may assume it is because of the humiliation I suffered at the provincial gala event…  But it’s not.  

I feel that I’m not a good teacher.  

Yes I am very involved in the classroom administration , with management and in school development,  yet I am falling short in the one area that matters.  

I am failing my students.  No matter how hard I try, I cannot keep up good results in standardised tests.  

  • I have provided my learners with workbooks that is a summary of all the work the syllabus guidelines provide, yet they do not understand the core concepts of Life Science .  
  • I provide them with revision plans dividing work into small portions to study three times a week.  Yet they fail at the basic terminology tests.  
  • I work through old exam papers with them, showing them where the pitfalls are, yet they cannot remember basic instructions like “start each question on a new page”  –  even after five years in highschool! 
  • I guide my learners through the science Expo using the Scientific method –  yet they still don’t understand the difference between an aim and a Hypothesis.  

Is there anyone out there that can give me some guidelines on how to fix this?  Help will be appreciated! 


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