DNA,  RNA and Protein synthesis 

We are studying the structure of DNA. 

DNA extraction from strawberry. 

Materials needed: Zip lock bag, two strawberries, 30 ml water, teaspoon dishwashing liquid (detergent), 2 ml salt, sieve

Step 1: Place strawberry in zip lock and squish. 

Step 2: Mix salt, water and detergent.  Add to zip lock.  Mix with strawberry mush. 

The detergent dissolves the phospholipid layers of the membranes. The salt makes the DNA less hydrophilic.

Step 3: Filter the liquid into the glass beaker using the sieve. 

Add approximately 2 cm cold methylated spirits slowly on top of the strawberry extract.

Use toothpicks to twirl the DNA out of the methylated spirits.

Building a DNA model


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