School improvement 

While working on our School improvement strategy I had a few challenges to face.  Our school decided to go back to our traditions and we started in the hostel by reapplying stricter rules and guidelines,  while establishing trusted routines.  The current generation of learners now feel that it is cruel.  

Are having high expectations of achievement and behaviour in learners cruel? No.   They are simply what parents pay thousands for in private schools all over the world. This would mean that any institution supporting sustained and successful learning should be considered cruel.  

It should not be that difficult to replicate the success of other schools that already follow this strategy. Our sister school definitely has a long established successful track record. Almost every city in the country already has schools like this, they just aren’t open to everybody. It should be an aim to create a state comprehensive with this sort of ethos in every local authority.

We need to stop accepting that working class kids cannot behave. It really isn’t true. They just need help and support. We need to acknowledge how many schools including our own routinely excuse the unacceptable.

Change is never easy but success is worth it.  


NTA standards? 

This year was the third AND LAST time I participated in the National teaching awards event held annually in South Africa.  

Some of my friends may assume it is because of the humiliation I suffered at the provincial gala event…  But it’s not.  

I feel that I’m not a good teacher.  

Yes I am very involved in the classroom administration , with management and in school development,  yet I am falling short in the one area that matters.  

I am failing my students.  No matter how hard I try, I cannot keep up good results in standardised tests.  

  • I have provided my learners with workbooks that is a summary of all the work the syllabus guidelines provide, yet they do not understand the core concepts of Life Science .  
  • I provide them with revision plans dividing work into small portions to study three times a week.  Yet they fail at the basic terminology tests.  
  • I work through old exam papers with them, showing them where the pitfalls are, yet they cannot remember basic instructions like “start each question on a new page”  –  even after five years in highschool! 
  • I guide my learners through the science Expo using the Scientific method –  yet they still don’t understand the difference between an aim and a Hypothesis.  

Is there anyone out there that can give me some guidelines on how to fix this?  Help will be appreciated!