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Benefits of Biodiversity to people: Nama Karoo Desert

Presented by: Monamudi, Kutu K, Meso, Sipambo

Provisioning System:Moloko Monamudi

Goat farming in the Nama-Karoo  directly and indirectly support, like 100 towns,thousands of  school , hundreds of of banks retailers and about a million  of people which can say a lot of about their employment cause one can pay for school funds and still put money in the bank is simply impossible a times but just shows that farming in the karoo has no say in unemployment, due to the karoo mostly consist of farms.
Plants themselves feed on each other, meaning a plant can saviour on its own due to the reproduction of own food and plants which in the desert always have ways to secure or save water on their own depending on the period of time that the plant can live
Karoo is a sustainably place

Regulating System: Kenny Kutu

The namaqua land karoo, better known as the Nama-Karoo biome  is part  of  the karoo region which covers approximately 500 000 square kilometers of South Africa, which equates to a third of the total area of South Africa.  The Nama-Karoo is a vast open region with very little species, but is still rich with low shurb vegetation, flora and fauna. Although having flora, they you are heavily adapted to survive in its harsh climate, with temperature variations around 25°C.  The Nama-Karoo has frequent droughts and has rainfall of around 500 and  200mm a year, depending on an areas location or proximity to the sea. Agriculture and mining  is very frequent in this area, with goat grazing very common as a source of food and employment

Cultural system:Lebo Meso

The karoo is one of the finest and quietest places on earth .With the right equipment you can record the faint scratching of the atmosphere against the planet.
Certain flowers and plants found in the karoo can be used for “muthi” used by sangomas.They help them in the making of medicines for certain sicknesses.
The karoo with its dry clean air and stars can easily make your body fall asleep the smooth air is responsible for the relaxation of the Mid-body and spirit.
The dry spaces have  been attracting the spirituality I humans. Different type of elements and horizon are used to help someone through depression .
The Khoi San people used these fields to do most of they’re rituals

Support System: Hlubi Sipambo

Soil nutrient affects vegetation patterns.The ungulate concentration and resulting accumulations of excreta strongly influence soul microbial activity and accelerate the nutrient cycle.
The dominant soil forming processes have been rock weathering , the formation of of orthic top soil horizons and commonly clay , giving rise to horizons . Any other soul form can be also found in these land types : Oakley soul forms, deep or shallow,  developed by rock weathering.

Environmental Science : Introduction

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