Introduction to Life Science 

I have finally been able to sit down and create some new  images to use in my PowerPoint presentation on Introduction to Life Science for Grade 10. 

Perhaps it was the dawning of the new year,  I just felt absolutely inspired.  Here are just a few examples : 


NTA standards? 

This year was the third AND LAST time I participated in the National teaching awards event held annually in South Africa.  

Some of my friends may assume it is because of the humiliation I suffered at the provincial gala event…  But it’s not.  

I feel that I’m not a good teacher.  

Yes I am very involved in the classroom administration , with management and in school development,  yet I am falling short in the one area that matters.  

I am failing my students.  No matter how hard I try, I cannot keep up good results in standardised tests.  

  • I have provided my learners with workbooks that is a summary of all the work the syllabus guidelines provide, yet they do not understand the core concepts of Life Science .  
  • I provide them with revision plans dividing work into small portions to study three times a week.  Yet they fail at the basic terminology tests.  
  • I work through old exam papers with them, showing them where the pitfalls are, yet they cannot remember basic instructions like “start each question on a new page”  –  even after five years in highschool! 
  • I guide my learners through the science Expo using the Scientific method –  yet they still don’t understand the difference between an aim and a Hypothesis.  

Is there anyone out there that can give me some guidelines on how to fix this?  Help will be appreciated! 

Die Minustrale siklus

This essay is written in Afrikaans. It is based on some answers from questions papers written by “Kleurlinge” that takes Biology. 

Minustrale praatjies is maar skaars in ons tyd, maar word meer gewild by die dag. In die ou tyd was dit verbode om oor sulke dinge te praat.

Die vrou ondergaan met elke volmaan ‘n siklus genaamd minustrasie. Vroue moet verkieslik nie rook of drink tydens hierdie siklus nie. Die siklus verskil van vrou tot vrou want nie almal hou ewelank uit nie. Op 14 jaar leer jy hoe om te minustreer en op 70 kry die vrou menapolse. Dit is belangrik om ‘n siklus te hê voor jy kan paar.

Die siklus begin wanneer oortollige bloed in die aorta buise gepomp word om uitgeskei te word, die naeltjiering breek los van die wand en dan word die kussintjies and kombersies wat reggestaan het vir die baba weer uitgeskei.

Hormone speel ook ‘n belangrike rol. Himofile skei estergeel af en die hipotalus skei perstrogeen af. Die estergeel vervaardig die borste. E an P word afgeskei sodat sy dink sy is swanger en FSH word elke 28 dae afgeskei wat die liggaam net weer herinner sy is nie!

Tydens evolusie skei die eierselle af. Die eierselle word deur die testikels vrygestel. Hierdie eierstokke met eiers is nie soos ‘n man sin nie , want dis inwendig. Die onbevrugte eiersel beweeg deur die buis van Eustachius waar dit ryp word. As bevrugting nie plaasvind nie trek die eierselle terug pancreas toe. As bestuiwing nie plaasgevind het nie, word die vrou emosioneel wankelrig net voor ineenstorting!

Dankie tog!


Eskom Expo 2016

DE VOS Groups , ESKOM EXPO , _ Sport A5 Land(1).jpg

After nurturing their projects for nine months the Life Science Grade 11 learners were ready to present their hard work at the District Expo held at Potchefstroom Boys’ High. Of the 15 groups that originally registered, 12 were represented at district level. All of these projects were selected to participate at Regional level.

The Regional Expo was held at the Madiba Banquet Hall in Potchefstroom on Friday 19 August.  Here are the results:

Certificates for participation

A  Gichuhi and T Makota : The effect of nitric acid on ethanol

N Mtshemla : The effect of cell phone use on reaction time

Z Zenzile: The effect of different salts on stuff

R Matlala: The effect of bleach on Cola

Bronze medals

M Langa and K Sefolo: The effect of aloe vera on tomatoes

R Phetswa: The effect of anaesthetics on the reaction of touch sensitive plants

M Bismillah  and A Cassim: The effect of sound on the growth of plants

G Mmusi and P Maimane: The effect of fertilisers on plant growth

Silver medals

T Mokwaledi and A Lesenyeho: The effect of various mediums on gas production in yeast

K Mashego: The effect of pH on the quality of cotton 


Gold medalsA Saloojee and M Ismail Mahomed : Pyro Tecnics

In addition to this A Saloojee and M Ismail Mahomed were one of the seven groups from the Regionals invited to go to the Annual International Expo, hosted at Birchwood Hotel from 1 to 3 October.

 THANK you gentleman for all your gard work.