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Creation of a Positive Environment

Knowledge of Curriculum and Learning Programs

My Education

I studied at the North West University, Potchefstroom campus (better known as P. U. For C. H.E.).  I studied Biological Sciences and received my B. Sc.  Degree in 1994. My main subjects included Biology, Chemistry, Soil Science, Botany, Zoology, Physics, Microbiology and Biochemistry.

I continued studying and achieved two Honours degrees (Microbiology and Biochemistry).  I then did my Master’s degree in Molecular biology.

I did my Higher Education Diploma through the old Potchefstroom Education College in 2002. Specialising in Biology and Geography.

I education I first worked with Curriculum 2005, followed by NSC,  followed by new NSC,  and currently CAPS.

Lesson Planning, Preparation and Presentation

 Lesson planning 

Lesson preparation

Lesson presentation

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Learner Assessment/ Achievement

Professional Development in my Field of work

Matric marker

  • From 2004 –  2013 I was a marker for the end of year exams for grade 12 Biology and Life Sciences where my basic duty was to mark one question, mostly the essay questions.  
  • From 2014 –  2016 I was promoted to Senior Marker.  My basic duties are to oversee 4 to 6 markers that each mark one question.  I moderate their marking.  I also sign the allocated exam papers out and back in.  On the administrative side I make sure their claim forms are completed correctly.  

Ms Mogale, Ms Rakgotla, Mr Musimhi, Me, Ms Molale and Ms Ramalepe. December 2016 Life Science Grade 12 Paper 2 @ Girls High Potchefstroom

Mr Makwaba, Mr Matebesi, Ms Segaole, Ms Ntshole, Mr Pierre van der Walt, THEN me, and Ms Phaki. Life Science paper 2, 2017 @ Bethel High School.

    National Teaching Awards Participation

    • 2003 : NTA Third place Provincially in category Excellence in Secondary School Teaching
    • 2015: Second in District in category Excellence in Technology Enhanced Teaching and Learning strategies.
    • 2016: First in District in category Excellence in Technology Enhanced Teaching and Learning strategies. Followed by first in the Province (after a SADTU dispute)  and 9 th in the country  of SA in my category for 2017.

    Human Relations and Contribution to School Development

    Staff Garden Project

    The staff used to congregate in a dustbowl under the Pride of India trees in front of the staffroom.  Deon Schmidt, some Old Boys from school, the new headmaster Mr Van Vuuren and the garden committee changed all that.  

    Vision 2020

    Extra-Curricular and Co-curricular Participation

    Tennis 2002 –  2006

    Matric farewell 2003 –  2005

    I hosted three Matric Farewell dances.  This is the equivalent of Prom night.  

    In 2003 the theme was out of Egypt. 

    In 2004 the theme was Collegian.  

    In 2005 the theme was Top Billing. 

    This was an amazing group of Grade 12 S. Here you see Sifiso Nhlapo who became a world renowned BMW champion, Bryce Clark who is now better known as DJ Anckletap of YFM, and Edgar Marutlulle who plays Provincial Rugby for South Africa. But the most poignant of all is Duncan McDonald and his wife. He was my mentor at College and I miss him dearly. R. I. P Duncan.

    As an event planner I used the following skills:

     Organisation –  from the venue, menu, date and gifts to the finer details of decor.  If you don’t keep your fingers on the problem all the time everything falls apart.  

    Flexibility – nothing ever goes exactly according to the original plan.  If you learn to compromise and think on your feet, your life is much simpler. 

    Creativity –  there is a certain amount of tradition that goes into these events.  One was that the theme was a secret,  and the wow factor was important.  It is difficult to put a new twist on an old theme if you aren’t creative.  I loved this part.  

    Multi tasking –  event planning is not my full time job, nor was it the only thing I was involved with at the time.  Being able to deal with multiple issues at the same time was a challenge.  One that I would recommend only the young at heart should  entertainment for long periods of time

    Editor of yearbook 2006 –  2013

    Wow what an amazing experience this was!  In our school at the time I took over as editor, because we were such a small staff (40 members in total),  I had to do almost everything.  From layout to collecting information and selecting photos,  to organizing formal photos and spell checking.  So much of my time went into this book and I made many mistakes.  But it was an experience of a lifetime.  

    Yearbook covers of The Mooi from 2006 – 2013

    As the editor I used the following skills:

    Time management –  collecting information and reports directly after each event and not leaving everything to the last minute is important.  You cannot hope to lay out 120 pages in just one week.  

    Staff management –  issuing assignments and making sure those assignments are completed on time can be very difficult if the staff is not cooperative.  

    Creativity –  from deciding on the theme to page layout, it was all approved by me.  I wanted it to be unique and special every year.  

    Scheduling –  formal individual and group photos were taken on two separate days in the year.  I had to organise the day and ensure that everyone involved knew what to do and where to go.  

    Eskom Expo for Young Scientists  school coordinator 2004 –  currently 

    This exciting experience happens once a year for all the Grade 11 Life Science learners.  It is similar to the American Science Fair where the learners do a variety of projects using the Scientific Method.  


    Barnard House Mistress 2012 – currently

    SMT member 2012 –  currently 

    IQMS coordinator 2012 –  currently 

    Whole school evaluation coordinator  2015 –  currently 

    Administration of Resources and Records

    • Pencilbox administrative Program
    • Microsoft Word
    • Microsoft Excel




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